25 August 2010

Walk Round Outrabister With Ally

Walk Round Outrabister With Ally by egeorgie at Garmin Connect - Details

While most people were groping round for more alkaseltzer and considering the merits of bacon rolls and sweet tea, me and Ally headed up North to Lunna Ness for a good yomp round the headland. It's quite wet so if you were considering heading here yourself I'd highly recommend good hiking boots and a pair of clean socks to change into just incase.

It's a good old lumpy bumpy uppy downy traipse, the ground is very soft underfoot and littered with rocks making it quite hard going in places.  There's plenty to see though, the Stanes of Stofast (above), a couple of small lochs with old mills (right) still visible closer to the cliffside, great views all round and even the drive there and back opens up some really lovely views.  If you've got time, stop off at 'Fruity Franks' at Outrabister to have a gander at the antiques and also at Lunna House and Kirk on your way back.  The pier-head at Voe does great haddock and chips before heading back to town.

Brisk Skyte Round Scatness

Brisk Skyte Round Scatness by egeorgie at Garmin Connect - Details

This afternoon I didn't feel much like doing much at all, especially with a mild fever. Two paracetamol and a tuna roll later though (ah, trusty remedies) and I was donning my HRM and ipod and heading out the door suspiciously eyeing the apparent break in the weather, into the brisk north westerly wind that seems to be hell bent on battering the garden to within an inch of it's life today. Still, it was sunny and it is my most favourite walk, if anything was going to lift my spirits, this was it!

A lot of changes have taken place since the last time I walked round, the chicks have all hatched and flown the nest so venturing along the cliffs on the West side didn't see me being dive bombed by overly panicky tirricks, the seapinks have gone white and crispy and the place seems to have twice as many rabbits as it did a couple of months ago.  I noticed there were an awful lot of mushrooms and quite a few types at that.  Probably thanks to the horrendous wet weather that's hit Shetland of late!