9 September 2010

Downhilling in Cabarete

1/2 Day DH Mtb - Cabarete - Dom Rep by egeorgie at Garmin Connect - Details

After a hearty breakfast with stunning mountain views and admiring the avocado trees it was time to head off, in the pouring rain, all the way down from 2,661 feet above sea level to 149ft!  Most of it was on the road with a couple of good offroad sections.  Sandy muddy dirt over smooth rock scattered with all sizes of boulders was challenging enough thank you very much!  After the first offroad section we stopped for some fresh coconut, orange and banana with honey, yum!  The river crossings were cool and welcome, we couldn't get any wetter anyway, and with the thunder still rumbling overhead we were past caring and having heaps of fun.  A bit of rooty singletrack followed by a wider less challenging bit and that was that.  All done and dusted.  The ride its self took about 2 hours 20, long enough in this heat!

Thank goodness there's a good physio next door, I'm getting battered!