18 June 2010

10 Top Motivational Tips

As a follow on from last weeks post, I have for you this offering!

1. You have your sight set on that sub 50 10K, sign up to do a 10K race in your area and get sponsored for it!  Pretty tough to back out once you've done that isn't it?!

2. Go public!  Tell people what you're setting out to achieve, it's hard to shy away from your goals when people keep asking how you're getting on with it!  Keep a blog or even publish your results online for all to see, you'd be amazed at the unexpected places support comes from!  For running there's the likes of mapmyrun and fetcheveryone!

3. Get a training buddy or join a club, its hard to back out when they're on the phone saying 'see you in 5'!

4. Use a PT once a week or once a month, they'll help you with your goals and with your fitness planning to reach your goal.

5. Put it in your diary and make sure you're well prepared for each session, you know what you're going to set out to do, you've set aside enough time to do it, and you have your kit and everything you need prepped and ready to go.

6. Set yourself some kind of reward scheme.  Something small once a week that you only get if you've stuck to your plan, or something bigger at the end of each 4 weeks, perhaps a spa day the day after the 10K?

7. Educate yourself, start reading magazines and articles and doing a bit of research, it'll give you more ideas, a boost to succeed, perhaps help you visualise your goal.

8. Watch people doing the sport/activity you want to do, it'll make you feel more like you want to be part of it.  Don't tell me you watched the marathon on TV and didn't feel half way through like getting up and going for a run!  Keep an eye on the local press for any mini-events or taster sessions you could attend.

9. Use music!  Make a playlist of your favourite up-beat tunes and play it when you're in need of that little push.  The time'll just fly by and the beat can give you some great positive vibes.

10. Mix it up to keep it interesting.  Don't just do 5K 3 times a week round the same circuit.  Incorporate HIIT, intervals, tempo sessions, head for the hills or cross country, find different routes, cross train in another sport, do 1-2 days weights or core strengthening.

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